Rumble Fish Blockchain Development Collaborates with GOCC for Fundraising by Launching CryptoHeart

Thu, 20 Dec 2018 3 min read

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Rumble Fish is going to support The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation for its 27th Grand Finale.

Poland December 20, 2018

Rumble Fish has stepped forward to aid this year Christmas charity function with the biggest non-government initiative in Poland. Their collaboration with The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation will help in collecting the charity in the form of Cryptocurrency.

Rumble Fish have developed innovative CryptoHeart platform to enable participation in the fundraising initiative for Ethereum community.

People who will be donating towards this function will be rewarded with the GOCC token (ERC721) called CryptoHeart (CHRT). It will work, like, the minimum acceptable amount for the donation will equal to 5 PLN (Polish National Currency).

“The team at Rumble Fish is working on Ethereum platform to keep a close eye on the whole Crypto fundraising process. The system will start working from 20 December 2018, and it will close by 17 January 2019. The users can use the MetaMask extension or any Ethereum wallet to make donations in ETH, ZRX, W-ETH, DAI, and MKR,” said Olga Degtiarova, Co-founder and CEO of Rumble Fish.

Each CryptoHeart is unique. The main feature making each CryptoHeart unique is its rank. Possible ranks are from 1 to 255. Making a donation with multiple of minimal amount (5 PLN) results in raising the heart rank. For example, donating 2x of minimal amount raises rank by 1, donating 4x minimum raises rank by 2, and so on. We encourage the individual who draws the highest-ranked CryptoHeart, to make it public and donate his token to The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity auction to further aid the fundraising.

This amazing reward system is transparent and users contributing can have a look at the latest donations or the high ranked CryptoHeart generated in the process. Additionally a visitor with connected Ethereum wallet will see a list of his CryptoHeart tokens ordered by their rank.

After the donation process ends, it will be transferred to the Ethereum address of the “Sztab.” The contributions after conversion to Euro will be transferred to the bank account of GOCC. People can see the summary of the contributions on the Rumble Fish’s website.

About Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish is a Blockchain development company. It offers outstanding Cloud Computing, Security Audits, ICO, and Deep Learning ICO solutions. The experts at Rumble Fish develop next-generation solutions with the latest technologies. For more details, please visit

About ‘The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation’

This public benefit organization is registered under the Polish Law. They collect funds for the treatment of children at the hospitals and donate toward purchasing medical equipment. Find more about them at

Media Contact

Company Name: Rumble Fish Poland Sp. z o.o.

Contact Name: Olga Degtiarova

Address: Filipa Eisenberga 11/3, 31–523 Kraków, Poland


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