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Debugging EVM
smart contracts made easy!

EVM Debugger is a unique, free tool for EVM & Defi developers. It enables really easy and user-friendly analysis of Ethereum smart contracts. With EVM Debugger blockchain developers can smoothly access all details regarding a single Ethereum transaction.

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The only EVM Debugger
you’ll need

With our EVM Debugger you’ll get:

Your transaction failed and you want to learn why,

Inspect the execution of a smart contract with a magnifying glass,

Optimize gas usage of your transactions by looking at the graphical representation of gas usage of its constituents,

Write Ethereum smart contracts in a more effective way,

Gather as much transaction info as possible,

Check out your smart contract before deployment.

Analyze the Ethereum transaction
in one simple step

With our EVM Debugger you’ll get:

detailed information about state changes of the transaction

information about emitted events

visual graph of gas usage

info of every nested call made within the transaction

bytecode of the smart contract

source code
(if available)

info on dependencies within the transaction

info about the storage updates

Networks we currently support:



And more on the way.
Stay tuned!