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Hi there! We’re Rumble Fish and this is our story…

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In 2017, Rumble Fish founders, Olga & Marek, set up a software house unlike any other. Olga, an entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in IT and corporate and executive communications, took up the position of Rumble Fish’s CEO. Marek, being a passionate software engineer and visionary with 20+ years of experience in the IT sector, became the company’s CTO. The qualities of the Rumble Fish founders are perfectly reflected in the way we operate. Olga brings her expertise to keep our valued customers and software developers happy, while Marek overlooks projects and makes sure the technology we create is of the highest quality.

At Rumble Fish, we understand and appreciate the importance of continuous learning and upgrading our engineers’ skillset. That’s why our founders created a unique in-house Training Hub, where software developers can grow their professional expertise, learn new technologies & stay on top of the latest IT trends & innovations.

Olga Degtiarova CEO & Co-Founder of Rumble Fish

My main focus as a CEO is to successfully manage and grow the company. I take pride in leading one of the top & fastest growing software development companies in Poland. What’s our secret? It’s a combination of passion for technology, focus on customer needs & constant learning.

Olga Degtiarova,

CEO & Co-Founder of Rumble Fish

Technology-wise, Rumble Fish is and always has been strongly focused on Blockchain. We believe in the power of a decentralized future and the potential it holds for many different industries. Owing to various successful Blockchain projects in our portfolio, Rumble Fish is a first-choice software development company for any distributed ledger assignment.

Our other passion is FinTech. We’ve completed many successful projects in this field and have extensive knowledge of present-day finance software development matters. We’ve helped various innovative startups and FinTech companies reach their goals. Our FinTech expertise allows us to develop state-of-the-art financial tech solutions that disrupt the economy.

The third pillar of our expertise is AWS Cloud. AWS purpose-built tools are, in many cases, the most efficient, suitable, and inexpensive solutions to use in the project. All that is required is the knowledge and deep understanding of how they work and how to apply them. And it so happens that our experts also have that covered!

Marek Kowalski CTO & Co-Founder of Rumble Fish

As Rumble Fish CTO, I am responsible for ensuring the highest quality of our tech stack and training developers. My professional goal is to help customers unlock the power of software through the most innovative technology and solutions that are used in our projects.

Marek Kowalski,

CTO & Co-Founder of Rumble Fish

Reasons to choose Rumble Fish

There’s a satisfied customer behind every project we take on. See what’s our secret sauce

passion for coding

When building teams we look for developers whose eyes light up when they talk about software development. We all share a passion for technology and strive for the quality of our work to reflect that.

unique skillset

Our developers have extraordinary qualifications that make them valuable to any team or project they join. Whether your project requires Blockchain, AWS cloud, or FinTech expertise - we’ve got a perfect team for you.

innovative thinking

Our team goes the extra mile to make your product stand out. We don’t just settle for what might seem obvious - we always look for improvements and innovative solutions.

agile approach

Agility helps us deliver value to your project faster and leaves space for continuous improvements.

open communication

We believe that openness and honesty go a long way. That’s why we choose a transparent approach to our processes - with Ruble Fish you’ll never be left in the dark, we keep our customers involved and informed about the status of the project throughout the journey.

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Meet the Team

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Don’t take our word for it!

Rune Christensen Founder and CEO of MakerDAO

Rumble Fish performed beyond our wildest dreams. Their skilled developers helped us improve our exchange platform. The engineers were responsible for carrying out development work on the platform, as well as some lesser-known components of the MakerDAO ecosystem: Oasis Direct and Eth2Dai. Their knowledge and expertise allowed us to grow up even faster. They are quick to respond and always have the best solution.

Rune Christensen,

Founder and CEO of MakerDAO