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We’re a team of world-class experts in bespoke software development. Our engineers are highly skilled in blockchain, AWS cloud solutions, and defi/fintech development. Our strength and pride is the ability to take ownership of the entire development process and be a true partner and advisor for our customers.
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We have experience in working with global corporations as well as start-ups at the beginning of their product development journey. Rumble Fish’s developers have unique, niche skill sets that are very rare on the market. Our mission is to craft state-of-the-art digital products using battle-tested technologies. Try us!
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Dedicated development teamsYou bring the product vision, we bring product-building expertise! Boost your product development with Rumble Fish as your trusted technology partner.
Enhance your in-house development teamEven the best organized and most effective in-house team might need a helping hand with some projects. Our highly skilled, experienced developers will fit right in with your in-house development crew.
Scale up your IT teamIf your business is growing fast, you might find yourself in need of a trusted development team able to join your project quickly and tackle the rapid growth immediately. We’re the right people for the job!
Outsource the development processYou don’t have to be technologically savvy in order to build a cutting-edge digital product. We can take on the entire development process from start to finish. We’ll help you define business goals, choose the right tech stack, and take care of the UI/UX matters.
Close technology gaps in your projectOur software engineers have unique skills and are trained to smoothly join even the most complex and intricate projects. If you need an advanced set of IT competencies in the blockchain, cloud, DeFi, or FinTech area, let us know!
This is how we do itThere are 4 core stages of developing a custom project with us
What you’ll gain
What you'll gain by working with usEvery cooperation is different and every customer is unique. But one thing remains constant and it's the devotion and care that we put into every project - no matter its size or scope. Here are 3 things you can count on while working with Rumble Fish experts:
Confidence & trustBy working with Rumble Fish you’ll acquire a long-term and trustworthy technology partner to help you with all of your digital endeavors. Our extensive knowledge and battle-tested solutions let us craft the most powerful products with great confidence.
Quality & securityTop quality translates into secure products. We believe in the value of this symbiotic relationship, ensuring software can fulfill its ultimate business function of satisfying and protecting the customer in equal measure.
Top-notch technology & designOur development teams use the serverless framework extensively, combining it with automation solutions such as Gitlab CI, AWS Code Build, or Docker. We follow the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principle that ensures the high maintainability of our solutions.
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A hybrid of a social network and a music appThe original idea behind the all-new Turntable™ is to bring people together with music. is a social network platform that enables its users to listen to and share music with friends in real-time through a streaming service. The platform offers a virtual space for music lovers all over the world to share and discover new tunes. Besides listening and streaming functionalities, also enables user interactions, creating virtual events, and a chat feature.
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