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Our case studies show how we helped our clients take advantage of the most innovative technologies to meet their business requirements.

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Unlocking the power of blockchain to reshape digital ownership in music
An advanced multichain platform for the music industry

Revelator is a global provider of digital IP infrastructure to music companies. From the technology standpoint, what’s disruptive about Revelator is their deep understanding of blockchain and offering non-web3 natives an easy-to-use.


Ethereum & EVM, Solidity, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, AWS (Step Functions. EventBridge, CloudFormation, Lambda Functions, CloudWatch, and more), NestJS, TypeScript, Subgraph, Pinata, Stripe, Auth0oki, ReactAdmin, Typechain, PostgreSQL, React Native

An AWS cloud-native music app development
A hybrid of a social network and a music app


The original idea behind the all-new Turntable is to bring people together with music. is a social network platform that enables its users to listen to and share music with friends in real-time through a streaming service. The platform offers a virtual space for music lovers all over the world to share and discover new tunes. Besides listening and streaming functionalities, also enables user interactions, creating virtual events, and a chat feature.


AWS, AWS SAM, AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, NestJS, React, Redux-Saga, Amazon RDS

Creating a responsive website for a pet boarding company in California, USA
Beautiful, fast and secure web application tailored exclusively for luxury business

About the project

Wag Hotels is a chain of luxury boarding and daycare resorts for dogs based in California, USA. The company was looking for a web development team that would bring its complex project to life using innovative technologies that match key business requirements. 


React, Material UI, Redux, Serverless, AWS, PostgreSQL, react-admin, Facebook API, Google Maps

Online platform for benefit brokers
Bringing contemporary Front-End technologies to a legacy system.

About the Client

ConnectYourCare is one of the largest health savings providers in the United States. The company offers comprehensive solutions supporting tax-advantaged accounts. They provide employers with convenient ways of administering consumer-directed health care (CDH), while offering benefit services to employees and revolutionizing the way they use CDH accounts.

About the project

Broker Command is an online platform that offers benefits brokers an effortless and efficient means of managing their business. The platform makes it quick and easy to enroll clients in ConnectYourCare’s benefit programs – including health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), and commuter/parking benefits.

Broker Command enables brokers to bypass the time-consuming paperwork and manual administrative processes of setting clients up with ConnectYourCare products and services. The online system makes it easy to track every step of the process, resulting in accelerated opportunities, increased customer satisfaction, and higher commission earnings.

The US FinTech market has experienced significant growth recently, and the rising tendency seems to be continuing in the second half of 2020. Companies from the financial industry are thriving all over the world. There are many great projects that are being developed and brought to life. We can see projects such as Fintech online payment platforms combining Ethereum blockchain technology with secure card payments. There are also others like ConnectYourCare, an insurance and payment processes platform, that are absolutely worth observing in 2020 to see how they continue to grow on the market in the nearest future.


React, Material UI, Redux, Redux Saga, Jest, Storybook, Lerna

Discovery Workshop for an identity verification MVP
The first step in creating a mobile app to replace your personal ID

About the Client

VerifiID is a start-up based in Liverpool, UK, focused on offering unique and innovative solutions for proof of age of the users. The team at VerifiID consists of technology veterans devoted to coming up with smart solutions to common problems. Thanks to their efforts, VerifiID is currently at the forefront of the age verification industry, and the team’s goal is to continue to set industry standards in the future. 

About the Project

VerfiID was looking to design a mobile app that could verify the age of users comparing the data to their government-issued IDs like a driving license or passport. The app will never store any sensitive personal data. Instead of carrying these valuable documents with you when you go out, you can upload the information to the app for easy access whenever you need to provide age verification.

The idea of VerifiiD is a free mobile app that allows users to prove their age using their smartphone allowing them to leave their valuable documents at home. Creating a VerifiID account is quick, easy, and secure. Using the latest biometric technology, the app is able to verify a user’s age based on a photo of their ID and a selfie. All the information is encrypted and stored on the user’s phone for added security and full control of sensitive data.


Design Sprint

Death Charades App
A game where death is the life of the party

About the project

Death Charades is a post-2020 appropriate party game that makes light of the players’ inevitable mortality. The game is reminiscent of traditional charades, but with a dark twist. Players draw cards and in timed rounds mime out different ways their lives could end.

The game consists of 205 death cards, 10 gameplay cards, and 4 blank cards for the players to fill in with their own ideas. The game has a timeless Victorian design, with a violet and rose gold color scheme.

Death Charades was a successful Kickstarter project with a month-long funding period from October to November 2020. It garnered over twice its initial goal of $5000.


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