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Our case studies show how we helped our clients take advantage of the most innovative technologies to meet their business requirements.

DATE:February 2019 – ongoing
PROJECT:Frontend React development, Backend development, DevOps services, Migration of old system to Cloud solution, Business Analytics, SEO optimization
TECH:React, Material UI, Redux, Serverless, AWS, PostgreSQL, react-admin, Facebook API, Google Maps
Dedicated development team for a a chain of luxury boarding and daycare resorts for dogs based in CA, USA.
Wag Hotels is a chain of luxury boarding and daycare resorts for dogs based in California, USA. The company was looking for a web development team that would bring its complex project to life using innovative technologies that match key business requirements. Our team rebuilt the company’s website (optimizing it for desktop and mobile), developed a custom CMS that allows managing its content, and built critical backend services.
CLIENT:The Ocean
DATE:October 2017 – ongoing
PROJECT:Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange
SERVICES:Architecture design, Frontend development, Smart contract development, Backend development, DevOps, Client support, Project management.
SERVICES:0x protocol, PostgreSQL, React, AWS, Blockchain, Node.js
Dedicated team for a cryptocurrency exchange
The Ocean provides fast and secure Ethereum and ERC20 token trading, allowing users to trade wallet-to-wallet on a high-performance, institution-grade, decentralized platform. Since the platform is dedicated to financial institutions specialized in quantitative trading, operations need to take no more than 100ms and platform performance cannot deteriorate under peak load.

The Ocean needed a well-integrated development team to bring their solution to the MVP phase successfully. At the same time, the team had to ensure that the MVP is stable enough to handle financial operations without any problems.
DATE:June 2019 - ongoing
PROJECT:Backend development (trading platform)
TECH: Golang, Websockets, Google Cloud Platform, Aeron (Simple Binary Encoding)
Dedicated development team for a US-based client, building a trading platform
Talos is a trading platform that aims to provide services to institutional investors in cryptocurrency. The tool enables users to manage their portfolio across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and connects traders to liquidity providers. The idea behind the platform is providing users with an experience similar to traditional trading venues that specialize in stock market and commodities.
DATE:April 2017 - February 2019
PROJECT:frontend development (dapps)
TECH:React, Redux, Ethereum Blockchain, Cypress
Dedicated development team for a US-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
MakerDAO is the company behind DAI, the first truly decentralized stablecoin cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. Before developing DAI, MakerDAO operated a cryptocurrency exchange, OasisDex. Since it was developed using the Meteor framework, our client found it challenging to scale and maintain it. MakerDAO was looking for a team of skilled frontend developers who would rewrite the platform using a modern technology stack and help to maintain it in top shape.
DATE:April 2019 – ongoing
SERVICES:Frontend development, Business analytics
TECH:React, Material UI, Redux, Redux Saga, Jest, Storybook, Lerna
Dedicated development team for a US-based health-care company
Connect Your Care is a leading insurance company offering health savings accounts in the United States. The project focused on re-implementing legacy user interface of the company’s sophisticated administration panel using modern frontend technologies (React, Material UI, Redux). Our team organized the code as a component library that was later reused in creating multiple frontend applications. We also used Storybook which allowed us to develop frontend components and pages independently from the work on the application’s backend, developing an integration layer using Redux and Redux-Saga. As a result, our client efficiently modernized the user interface to deliver a great experience and provide excellent functionality.

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