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Our case studies show how we helped our clients take advantage of the most innovative technologies to meet their business requirements.


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Custom AI assistant development
AI Chatbot for the legal industry

The main objective was to create an AI chat assistant to engage in intelligent conversations with legal documents stored in our customer’s internal databases. The goal was to streamline document analysis and enhance legal discourse efficiency.


OpenAI (GPT-4 & GPT-3.5) API, Langchain, PostgreSQL, Qdrant, AWS

A mobile app focused on delivering a daily dose of self-endorsement
Developing a daily affirmation mobile app in React Native

Afffirmations is a popular Instagram account with over 1 million followers. It boasts a vibrant and lively community focused on self-growth, infused with humor and well-being memes. Our customer approached us with a vision to create a mobile app that would provide a space for their followers to contribute to the Instagram page and create their own content in a unique Afffirmations branding style.


TypeScript, Storybook, React Native, React, Redux, Sagas

Unlocking the power of blockchain to reshape digital ownership in music
An advanced multichain platform for the music industry

Revelator is a global provider of digital IP infrastructure to music companies. From the technology standpoint, what’s disruptive about Revelator is their deep understanding of blockchain and offering non-web3 natives an easy-to-use.


Ethereum & EVM, Solidity, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, AWS (Step Functions. EventBridge, CloudFormation, Lambda Functions, CloudWatch, and more), NestJS, TypeScript, Subgraph, Pinata, Stripe, Auth0oki, ReactAdmin, Typechain, PostgreSQL, React Native

An AWS cloud-native music app development
A hybrid of a social network and a music app


The original idea behind the all-new Turntable is to bring people together with music. is a social network platform that enables its users to listen to and share music with friends in real-time through a streaming service. The platform offers a virtual space for music lovers all over the world to share and discover new tunes. Besides listening and streaming functionalities, also enables user interactions, creating virtual events, and a chat feature.


AWS, AWS SAM, AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, NestJS, React, Redux-Saga, Amazon RDS

A tale of a decentralized communication app development
A communication app based on local-first software principles

About the customer

Our customer is a creator of an open-source communication app inspired by the principles of local-first software. The app uses a peer-to-peer network to enable a decentralized instant messenger experience to compete with the likes of Slack, Telegram, or Discord. What’s unique about this one is the power it gives to its users - everyone is in full control and has ownership of their own data.


Electron, NodeJS, React, IPFS, OrbitDB, LibP2P, TypeScript

Thulium – a cloud-based call center
A mobile CRM ticketing system built in React Native

Thulium is an omnichannel CRM service, providing clients with a solution that allows them to handle multiple contact channels – phone, e-mail, chat, helpdesk, and messenger. Thulium’s cloud-based call center solution makes it easier for clients to serve their customers quickly and efficiently from one platform. 


React Native, Jest, Redux-Saga, Storybook