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Rumble Fish helps entrepreneurs build and launch new software products. We deliver on-demand a ready-to-go developers’ team

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Custom Project Development

Rumble Fish guarantees to make sure that projects development never fail. With our client-first approach, we’ll make sure to design and deliver software that meets your expectations and business needs.

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Did you know that 1 to 5 products fail to meet customer needs? If you'd like to explore the discovery workshop in detail write to us and set a short call with our specialist.

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Audit and Consulting

How can you ensure that your IT infrastructure and applications offer optimal security against cybersecurity threats? Carrying out an IT security audit is an excellent measure.

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Dedicated Teams and Specialists

We understand that for growing companies, there is always a need for additional resources but you may also one day be faced with the opposite problem too - not enough work to do. We deliver always a perfect match, whenever you need.

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Fintech and Crypto

Rumble Fish fintech portfolio includes a number of innovative projects. We build products based on understanding our client’s business goals and the characteristics of their market. It’s crucial for building successful software.

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Rumble Fish has know-how and experience in delivering secure software solutions for the healthcare industry. We also provide digital infrastructure based on IoT solutions for communication between medical care providers.

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Logistics and Transportation

Rumble Fish helps entrepreneurs build and launch new software products. We deliver on-demand a ready-to-go developers’ team.

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Travel & Hospitality

Let's talk if you need support in developing your digital product or a partner to take ownership of all your IT-related processes. We will make sure to provide you with a custome software services package that covers your needs.


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Our cooperation with Rumble Fish was easy and smooth. The team was able to provide us with a perfect solution and it was a great experience working with them.

Sarah Mason

CMO of Death Charades

Case Studies

Anchor Leg is an all-encompassing security system for critical infrastructure like airports and commercial buildings. The Anchor Leg project is currently in a very early stage of development.

MakerDAO is the company behind DAI, the first truly decentralized stablecoin cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. Dai’s value is pegged to the US Dollar and is backed by numerous collateral assets.

While designing the cards and the overall game, the challenge was to design an appropriate timer. It was decided that a simple mobile app would be appropriate. 

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Discover our delivery process

We follow industry standards and battle-tested practices to deliver value. Over the years, we’ve developed custom processes that help us become a reliable technology partner to our clients.

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End-to-end solutions development

We take care of the entire development process, from ideation to execution and maintenance.

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Full transparency

We equip our clients with tools that enable easy monitoring of the development process.

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Dedicated developers

When teaming up with us, you get a team of developers who work on your project full-time.

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Continuous delivery

We deliver work in small iterations and regular cycles to enable product optimization.

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Daily stand-up meetings

Our teams follow the most productive practices of the agile methodology.

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Flexibility in scaling

We can scale your development team up or down, depending on your project requirements

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