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Rumble Fish helps entrepreneurs build and launch new software products. We deliver on-demand a ready-to-go developers team.
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Mitchell Maddox

Mitchell Maddox
COO of SpaceInch

What we do?
Software Development Services and Skills for your needsTo deliver the highest quality of services, our experts are always gaining new skills and knowledge. That’s how we make sure our solutions follow the latest industry standards and take advantage of the most innovative technologies.
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    AWS Cloud SolutionsOur experienced team will take your AWS cloud solutions to the next level. AWS provides purpose-built tools to support your needs, and it is the preferred choice for any blockchain project. From the plethora of cloud tools and solutions offered by Amazon Web Services, we’ll help you choose and implement the ones that serve your business the best way possible.
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    Web DevelopmentIf you’re in need of professional web development services, look no further! Rumble Fish's talented team has extensive experience in delivering top-tier web apps and websites with the use of battle-tested tools and technologies like React or Nest. We know just the right solutions to exceed your business requirements.
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    Mobile App DevelopmentWhether you need an Android, an IOS app, or both, the Rumble Fish team is here to help you deliver the beautiful and efficient mobile product that your customers will simply love to use! We craft fast and secure mobile apps with a wow factor to help our customers grow their businesses and reach their goals quicker.
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    DeFi DevelopmentDecentralized Finance (DeFi) development requires an extensive amount of blockchain knowledge, as well as a great understanding of financial mechanisms. We’ve got both that bases covered! Our team has successfully built an impressive number of DeFi products like cryptocurrency exchanges, dApps, lending protocols, or staking platforms. Try us!
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    NFT DevelopmentRumble Fish engineers are experts in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) platform development. With our deep understanding of crypto, blockchain technology, and smart contracts protocols, we are able to take your NFT marketplace idea and craft it into a beautiful, state-of-the-art product.
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    Fintech Software DevelopmentLooking for a skilled team to help you build an advanced fintech platform able to compete with the biggest in the game? At Rumble Fish, we’ve got what it takes to engineer innovative financial technology systems. We offer end-to-end fintech software development, consulting, and expertise.
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    Blockchain Software DevelopmentOur team is well-versed and experienced in various blockchain development tools and technologies. Our unique skillset allows us to be at the forefront of Web3 development services so if you’re looking for a trusted IT partner to boost your decentralized product - look no further!
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    Dedicated Development TeamsOur experts provide you with knowledge, skills, and experience that elevates every project to another level. We’ll gladly take ownership of the entire process and guide you and your team through the intricacies of cutting-edge technology development.
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    UI/UXWe design sleek, intuitive, and highly effective interfaces to help you overcome your business challenges. After carefully evaluating and understanding your requirements we switch to the designing mode - the end goal is the beautiful digital solution that people love to use!
RumbleFish Process
Discover our delivery processWe follow industry standards and battle-tested practices to deliver value. Over the years, we’ve developed custom processes that help us become a reliable technology partner to our clients.
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    End-to-end solutions developmentWe take care of the entire development process, from ideation to execution and maintenance.
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    Full transparencyWe equip our clients with tools that enable easy monitoring of the development process.
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    Dedicated developersWhen teaming up with us, you get a team of developers who work on your project full-time.
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    Continuous deliveryWe deliver work in small iterations and regular cycles to enable product optimization.
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    Daily stand-up meetingsOur teams follow the most productive practices of the agile methodology.
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    Flexibility in scalingWe can scale your development team up or down, depending on your project requirements.
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A hybrid of a social network and a music appThe original idea behind the all-new Turntable™ is to bring people together with music. is a social network platform that enables its users to listen to and share music with friends in real-time through a streaming service. The platform offers a virtual space for music lovers all over the world to share and discover new tunes. Besides listening and streaming functionalities, also enables user interactions, creating virtual events, and a chat feature.
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