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  • Blockchain solutions are going to be the next big thing in the financial services sector. A decentralized investment platform based on a blockchain will be more cost-effective to maintain and secure, providing customers with excellent service.

  • If you’re searching for a trusted business partner in blockchain technology, Rumble Fish is the best choice. We have cooperated with both fintech startups as well as already established enterprises. 

  • At Rumble Fish, we have the expertise and experience to offer not only blockchain services but also bespoke consulting and development packages that meet their specific needs. We know that security is key in any business, especially online, and it’s critical in digital financial products such as crypto wallets. 

  • Smart Contracts blockchain-based are potentially attractive to regulators, since they increase transaction security and reduce the risk of manipulation. 

We are a dApp development company that brings blockchain solutions to life for users through strategic planning, design, and development. Develop your project in blockchain technology with us!

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We are one of the top blockchain development companies. Check what Clients say about us:

Rumble Fish has been really good at challenging assumptions or design decisions, to figure out the best path for the product. They’re not executing blindly towards some deliverable. They’re taking responsibility for making the best decisions as the work unfolds. I collaborated with them as a part of the team, and we built mutual trust and shared experiences along the way.

Holmes Wilson

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Read summary of the latest case study, Zbay – a private inbox, wallet, and marketplace all in one.


Zbay’s founder is Holmes Wilson, an Internet freedom activist who was previously the co-founder and co-director of Fight for the Future, an organization devoted to campaigning for freedom and privacy online.  He saw a need for an online platform for discussion and commerce that was based in free software and not dependent on centralized infrastructure. 


Zbay is an innovative desktop app that lets users create group discussions, send each other messages and money, and  exchange goods. Currently in the beta stage of development, the open-source app is free and available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. 


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