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MakerDAO, stablecoin innovators & the company behind Dai,  entrust Rumblefish for platform re-write

MakerDAO, stablecoin innovators & the company behind Dai, entrust Rumblefish for platform re-write

Tue, Aug 24, 20213 min read

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MakerDAO is the company behind DAI, the first truly decentralized stablecoin cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. Maker has come a long way in a relatively short period of time and in June 2021 Maker Foundation CEO, Rune Christensen, announced the milestone of full decentralization.

The real use case - cryptocurrency exchange protocol upgrade 

Not so long ago at Rumble Fish, we set off on a client journey with Maker that would change the face of their exchange platform. Upon establishing and developing our relationship with MakerDAO we were able to get to the route of the main challenge that they were facing which centered around their cryptocurrency exchange protocol - OasisDex.

Re-thinking the strategy with Rumble Fish front-end experts

Originally developed using the Meteor framework, our client was facing a challenge to scale and maintain which led us to the shared vision of completely reevaluating their strategy and how they speak to their audience. It was quickly established that they would need a team of skilled front-end developers to re-write the platform using a modern technology stack - and we had just the guys for the job!

Custom software development with Rumble Fish is the key

At Rumble Fish we are especially proud of and renowned for providing top-quality solutions to entrepreneurs looking to build and launch new products. Using end-to-end solutions, our dedicated, passionate team of IT experts breaks the mold when it comes to using technology to propel businesses to the next level.      

The results - increased user engagement & successfully delivered end-product

Having the objectives laid out, our dynamic duo of skilled front-end developers got straight to work and was responsible for carrying out development improvements on the platform whilst working with a multitude of different components including Oasis, Oasis Direct, and Eth2Dai components which are responsible for exchanging DAI, ETH, and MKR assets.

With the development of the exchange platform and the surrounding components at the forefront of the operation, our tech experts also managed to increase platform engagement and perceived authority among clients, all whilst solidifying a long-term working relationship with MakerDAO - pretty special, right?

Don’t take our word for it, let’s hear from the customer himself:

With more DAO-based projects underway, watch this space to see what wonders we can work once again!

Agnieszka Dobosz
Agnieszka Dobosz

Head of Business Development

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