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Rumble Fish joins Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association

Rumble Fish joins Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association

Mon, Dec 5, 20223 min read

Category: Business Stories

We’re proud to announce that Rumble Fish Software Development joined Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association as a member. Being at the forefront of blockchain technology since the founding of the company, we gladly look for new connections and blockchain-oriented partnerships. 

Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association was founded in 2018. Since then SPBA has been making a great effort to connect entrepreneurs from both countries and create a networking space for blockchain visionaries and enthusiasts alike. Rumble Fish, being a first-choice blockchain development company is a natural fit for the association and its members. Our partnership is set to explore, discuss, and share the latest blockchain trends and policies, and inspire entrepreneurs to delve into business opportunities that blockchain brings. Our knowledge of technology and various blockchain protocols is a valuable asset to the organization, and we’ll gladly act as a mentor and technology advisor for every party involved in SPBA and beyond. 

At Rumble Fish, we specialize in fields like custom blockchain software development, DeFi & Fintech development, or smart contracts development. We’ve been actively involved in the design and development of various blockchain products, and successfully completed projects for both start-ups and established global corporations. Our engineers are known to be the most talented and skilled blockchain experts one can find due to the constant training and involvement in what’s currently going on in the industry. Being a member of the Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association will allow us to create new connections and be even more active in the European blockchain market. 

Stay tuned for more info on our involvement in Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association.

Sylwia Bień-Chudarek
Sylwia Bień-Chudarek

Head of Growth

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