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Developing a daily affirmation mobile app in React Native

A mobile app focused on delivering a daily dose of self-endorsement

Collaboration timeframe:

December 2022 - June 2023

Tech stack:



mobile app development (iOS, Android), front-end development

Team size:

1 software developer, 1 tech lead

Application layout on iphone


Afffirmations is a popular Instagram account with over 1 million followers. It boasts a vibrant and lively community focused on self-growth, infused with humor and well-being memes. Our customer approached us with a vision to create a mobile app that would provide a space for their followers to contribute to the Instagram page and create their own content in a unique Afffirmations branding style.



The main job of our team, comprised of a tech lead and one software developer, was to create apps for both Android and iOS systems. The app’s main features included a meme creator, daily affirmations sent via push notifications at user-set times, and a social section showcasing images created by other users

Additionally, the app offered a premium version, providing users with the ability to edit images created by others and remove watermarks.

One of the challenges was to implement a visually appealing meme creator where users could choose or upload an image and add their own text. The edition options also included switching font size, color, adding a glow effect, and a frame. The trick was to code it in a way that would scale the text properly no matter its length and the device resolution.  Another challenge was optimizing the app's performance and minimizing mobile data usage. Given the app's reliance on downloadable images and the image creator, it was crucial to deliver a user-friendly experience without causing any lags on users' devices.



To address the challenges associated with the meme creator, we decided to leverage Storybook, an excellent tool for UI improvement. Storybook enabled us to test the app on various screen sizes, making it easier to develop and fine-tune hard-to-reach states and edge cases without running the entire app. In the context of the meme creator, these edge cases involved handling untypically long sentences entered by users. By avoiding hardcoded sizes and utilizing Flexbox Container when applicable, we ensured scalability and flexibility in accommodating diverse user inputs.

To ensure a smooth user experience, we conducted rigorous testing and performance optimization. We identified and resolved bottlenecks and memory leaks, resulting in improved app responsiveness and reduced lags on users' devices. By prioritizing seamless functionality, we aimed to provide an enjoyable experience for Afffirmations app users.

Mitchell Maddox
Rumble Fish was an exceptional development partner for the Afffirmations mobile app, demonstrating professionalism, technical expertise, and collaborative problem-solving. We highly recommend them for your next digital project
Nicholas Reville
Cofounder & CEO, Wonderful Wonderful

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