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Anchor Leg, Discovery Workshop for a full security system for critical infrastructure

Finding innovative ways to keep facilities and establishments safe

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Collaboration timeframe:

August 2019

Team size:

1 software developer, 1 Business Analyst, 1 UI/UX designer


Design Thinking


Business analytics and Business model verification, Design Thinking (UX), Choice of technology discussion, Defining MVP

Anchor Leg is an all-encompassing security system for critical infrastructure like airports and commercial buildings. The Anchor Leg project is currently in a very early stage of development. To start with, Rumble Fish conducted a Discovery Workshop, during which our team discussed different solutions and scenarios based on the client’s concept.


Our client is looking to create a fully-functional, high tech and multifaceted security system that can be implemented in various critical infrastructure facilities. The system will be based on multiple hardware components, such as location, barrier, and authentication beacons, as well as customized wearables, screens and cameras. All of these elements require the development of highly secure tracking and authentication systems, a centralized administration site and interactive apps for employees.



Initially, our team decided that LTE beacons would be an optimal choice for the Anchor Leg system. They are the most complex beacons available on the market and capable of supporting the necessary tracking badges. 

However, during the Discovery Workshop, another idea was taken into consideration - substituting LTE beacons with Raspberry Pi.This solution would still enable effective tracking and security, and could prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.

An alternative scenario would be to use smartphones as tracking devices. Smartphones already have built-in hardware (screens, speakers, etc.) that could be implemented in the system, and the beacons wouldn’t require an internet connection. The system would support both Android and iOS, and visitors could download an app to use on their own devices.


Rumble Fish offers both on-site and online Discovery Workshops. These workshops consist of multiple sessions that give our clients and team the opportunity to discuss and develop a project together. 

The main objective of these sessions is to assess the scope of a project. Together, we discuss our client’s business goals, user needs, value proposition, and strategy. Our team of consultants helps our client choose the right solutions, go over the stages of the project, and establish a projection of costs and timeline.

Ultimately, the goal of our Discovery Workshops is to develop a relationship with our clients and transform their ideas into reality. 


During the Discovery Workshop, we worked with Rumble Fish Software Development to design a full security system for critical infrastructure. The Rumble Fish team was very innovative and provided a lot of creative ideas which pushed the project to have lots of competitive edges. I can rely on them as the best business partners and I truly recommend their services

Khalid Alaraimi

CEO of Anchor Leg Technology


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