Online platform for benefit brokers

Bringing contemporary Front-End technologies to a legacy system.

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Collaboration timeframe:
April 2019 – November 2019
Team size:
5 software developers, 1 Business Analyst
React, Material UI, Redux, Redux Saga, Jest, Storybook, Lerna
Front-End development, Business analytics

About the Client

ConnectYourCare is one of the largest health savings providers in the United States. The company offers comprehensive solutions supporting tax-advantaged accounts. They provide employers with convenient ways of administering consumer-directed health care (CDH), while offering benefit services to employees and revolutionizing the way they use CDH accounts.

About the project

Broker Command is an online platform that offers benefits brokers an effortless and efficient means of managing their business. The platform makes it quick and easy to enroll clients in ConnectYourCare’s benefit programs – including health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), and commuter/parking benefits.

Broker Command enables brokers to bypass the time-consuming paperwork and manual administrative processes of setting clients up with ConnectYourCare products and services. The online system makes it easy to track every step of the process, resulting in accelerated opportunities, increased customer satisfaction, and higher commission earnings.

The US FinTech market has experienced significant growth recently, and the rising tendency seems to be continuing in the second half of 2020. Companies from the financial industry are thriving all over the world. There are many great projects that are being developed and brought to life. We can see projects such as Fintech online payment platforms combining Ethereum blockchain technology with secure card payments. There are also others like ConnectYourCare, an insurance and payment processes platform, that are absolutely worth observing in 2020 to see how they continue to grow on the market in the nearest future.


The project focused on re-implementing the legacy user interface of the company’s sophisticated administration panel using modern frontend technologies (React, Material UI, Redux).

How Rumble Fish helped ConnectYourCare reach their goal

Broker Command has transformed the way benefits brokers and advisors run their business by streamlining their work and offering customer service support.

It was a project sprint unlike any other. We developed an app, designed a website and did a lot of coding. Finally, we designed a customer service process for ConnectYourCare.
Rafał Lizoń
Full Stack Developer at Rumble Fish

The problem, as seen by CYC Managers, was that a vast number of customer could not easily access their services. They encountered UI problems and the UX was practically unusable.

BROKERcommand Features

The latest version of BROKERcommand is equipped with enhanced capabilities to help brokers save time on administrative processes by avoiding cumbersome paperwork and time-consuming manual data entry.

The platform’s features include:

Automated proposal builder
makes it possible to create a customized proposal for each client with just a few clicks
Dynamic client onboarding
new businesses can be added to the platform in just minutes with the workflow-driving process
Actionable dashboard
enables the user to view open proposals, incomplete setups, pending client actions, and track where clients are in the renewal process at-a-glance
Real-time reporting
presents 24/7 data and analytics for client insights
“ConnectYourCare was founded on unique innovation and continues to push the market forward with progressive technology that maps to today’s needs. Our latest developments bring dynamic workflows and outcomes to the forefront, further helping our broker partners accelerate business opportunities and deliver value back to their clients.”

Additional Resources

Besides the above features, Broker Command supplies brokers with a plethora of interactive resources – including ConnectYourCare’s award-winning “Academy” series – that can be used to communicate with clients and troubleshoot compliance issues.

The Rumble Fish development team is outstanding, some of the best engineers we’ve worked with. Their level of engineering intelligence allowed us to achieve all our goals. As a full-stack development partner they have a high standard for code quality, UX, communication, and all-around efficiency. They are one of our go-to resources for all web and mobile development. Highly recommended.
Mitchell Maddox
COO at SpaceInch

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