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Death Charades
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Death Charades App

A game where death is the life of the party

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Collaboration timeframe:

October 2020

Team size:

1 software developer


React native


Software development

About the project

Death Charades is a post-2020 appropriate party game that makes light of the players’ inevitable mortality. The game is reminiscent of traditional charades, but with a dark twist. Players draw cards and in timed rounds mime out different ways their lives could end.

The game consists of 205 death cards, 10 gameplay cards, and 4 blank cards for the players to fill in with their own ideas. The game has a timeless Victorian design, with a violet and rose gold color scheme.

Death Charades was a successful Kickstarter project with a month-long funding period from October to November 2020. It garnered over twice its initial goal of $5000.


While designing the cards and the overall game, the challenge was to design an appropriate timer. It was decided that a simple mobile app would be appropriate. 

Besides functioning as an element of the game, the main goal of creating an app was also to use it as a marketing tool that would remind people of the game’s existence. 

The app’s style needed to match that of the game, being more Victorian than Halloween-themed. The aesthetic was meant to be elegant and mature, and not cheap or tacky. 


Rumble Fish’s task was to develop an app that would perform as a timer for Death Charades. The app’s style matches that of the game’s box and cards, using the same color scheme and patterns. 

The app consists of a simple 40 second timer that counts down, with a short melody playing at the end when the time runs out. The only other option in the app is a ‘Help’ button, which ironically delivers no help at all, but instead offers messages such as “No one can help you,’ ‘You’re wasting time,’ or ‘Please go back to the game.’ 


The Death Charades app’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It was developed by a 1 person and built using React Native. 


  • Development of a ready-to-use aesthetically pleasing app

  • Successful marketing and Kickstarter campaign

author image

Our cooperation with Rumble Fish was easy and smooth. The team was able to provide us with a perfect solution and it was a great experience working with them.

Sarah Mason

CMO of Death Charades


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