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The Ocean - a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a dedicated team of developers

Fast and secure Ethereum and ERC20 token trading

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Collaboration timeframe:

October 2017 - October 2019

Team size:

8 software developers


0x protocol, PostgreSQL, React, AWS, Blockchain, Node.js


Architecture design, Front-end development, Smart contract development, Back-end development, DevOps, Client support, Project management

About the project

The Ocean provides fast and secure Ethereum and ERC20 token trading, allowing users to trade wallet-to-wallet on a high-performance, institution-grade, decentralized platform. Since the platform is dedicated to financial institutions specialized in quantitative trading, operations require no more than 100ms and the platform’s performance does not deteriorate under peak load.


The Ocean needed a well-integrated development team to bring their solution to the MVP phase successfully. At the same time, the team had to ensure that the MVP was stable enough to handle financial operations without any problems.



We started by extending our client’s team with one software engineer. The company was satisfied with our work and asked us to expand the team. We added one developer to the team every month, on average. Around eight months since the launch of our collaboration, the team reached its final shape of eight software developers working full-time on the project.

The Ocean app example page.
The Ocean app example page.



Our development team was in charge of the entire development process and built the platform from scratch.

The entire application (front-end, back-end, and infrastructure) is written in NodeJS. Our front-end stack includes our favorite technologies: React, Redux, and Material UI. Its back-end is based on the model of services run on the ECS cluster (Amazon Web Services).

For the database, we used PostgreSQL. It was one of the most significant upgrades to the solution following the production stage (originally, the project utilized Redis).

While rolling substantial upgrades to production, our team also switched to version 2 of protocol 0x and introduced DSProxy as the «actor» performing transactions. DSProxy is a smart contract that enables the owner to inject arbitrary code into its context, which is very convenient when carrying out complex operations inside an Ethereum transaction (for example, performing several batched operations).

Following the production stage, we changed the entire transaction settlement model and introduced a mechanism called Atomic Price Adjustment. This mechanism makes it possible to match orders located at different price points fairly. The excess funds are then returned to the taker atomically in the same Ethereum transaction.

The Ocean's example screen shot of user wallet.
The Ocean's example screen shot of user wallet.




  • Timely development of the MVP
  • Continual improvement of the solution’s performance and stability
  • Successful ongoing cooperation with our dedicated team

The developers at Rumble Fish Software Development are professional and capable of producing the highest quality code. What’s more important, they bring their experience to advanced problems, providing intelligent and well thought out solutions. I can recommend them with no doubts.

Ari Kardasis

Founder and CTO of The Ocean



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