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Discovery Workshop for an identity verification MVP

The first step in creating a mobile app to replace your personal ID

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Collaboration timeframe:

May 2019

Team size:

CTO, CEO, 1 developer, 1 Business Analyst


Design Sprint


Business analytics and Business model verification, Design Thinking (UX), Choice of technology discussion, Defining MVP

About the Client

VerifiID is a start-up based in Liverpool, UK, focused on offering unique and innovative solutions for proof of age of the users. The team at VerifiID consists of technology veterans devoted to coming up with smart solutions to common problems. Thanks to their efforts, VerifiID is currently at the forefront of the age verification industry, and the team’s goal is to continue to set industry standards in the future. 

About the Project

VerfiID was looking to design a mobile app that could verify the age of users comparing the data to their government-issued IDs like a driving license or passport. The app will never store any sensitive personal data. Instead of carrying these valuable documents with you when you go out, you can upload the information to the app for easy access whenever you need to provide age verification.

The idea of VerifiiD is a free mobile app that allows users to prove their age using their smartphone allowing them to leave their valuable documents at home. Creating a VerifiID account is quick, easy, and secure. Using the latest biometric technology, the app is able to verify a user’s age based on a photo of their ID and a selfie. All the information is encrypted and stored on the user’s phone for added security and full control of sensitive data.


Our client is interested in developing a basic identity verification MVP. The resulting technology would include the requirements necessary to allow VerifiID to convey their ideas to potential investors and future users. At the same time, VerifiID would like to create a system that could be used as a base for future development. They hope to avoid wasting time, money and resources on rewriting the system from scratch once the MVP has been accepted for further development.



During the Discovery Workshop with VerifiID, our team discussed the list of tasks necessary to create the MVP, its functions, and two revenue models for the first stage of the MVP.

It was established that the MVP should consist of two mobile apps - one for the identity holders and one for the verifiers. Both apps will be supported by Android and iOS, and VerifiID will be responsible for the UX/UI of the apps. They should also provide Rumble Fish with all the designs for the project, which will be used to create mock-ups of the apps.

VerifiID will supply Rumble Fish with an integrated third-party KYC provider which will perform the document and selfie verification, identifying the user. VerifiID’s API will be implemented in the system, supporting features such as receiving KYC check results, storing and retrieving identity data, and communicating with the authentication server. The database management system will be designed to hold the smallest possible piece of data about the users. An authentication server will allow users to create accounts and log into the app. Rumble Fish’s developers will then have to create an environment that would host both the API and database.

The first stage of the MVP consists of two revenue models. The first of these allows bars to advertise on the VerifiID platform in an “Offers” section. The offers will be based on a credit system, which will be reset each week for the time being. Bars can purchase credits on the website and every time an offer goes live, the bar is charged for it. 

Stage one will also include an option for users to purchase new selfies to be biometrically matched via the KYC provider. Users will either be redirected to a payment gateway where they can pay for a new selfie upload, or they will have the option to share a post on social media in exchange for a free upload.

The CMS Management Panel will be constructed so that bars can view basic statistics about offer redemptions, check how many people are on the premises, and it will allow them to upload up to three new offers per week. The CMS will not list any personal details of the patrons.



Our Discovery Workshops consist of numerous sessions for our clients and the Rumble Fish team to discuss and develop a project together. We believe it is important for our clients to meet with the developers responsible for their projects, but our clients have to comfort of choosing to participate in the sessions online or on-site.  

The goal of our workshops is to assess the scope of a project. Together with our client, we go over their business goals, user needs, value proposition, and strategy. Our group of consultants, consisting of our CTO, CEO, and a dedicated developer, help our client choose the best solutions, review the stages of the project, and plan a projection of costs and timeline.

Overall, our Discovery Workshops are focused on developing a relationship with our clients and transforming their ideas into reality.


Rumble Fish are incredibly easy to communicate with and have actively advised and solved many problems we faced. This in turn has subsequently resulted in a much better end product which we are absolutely delighted about. Rumble Fish’s technical expertise and willingness to adapt to our changing needs has helped to add so much value to our project. Professional from the outset, if you want to turn an idea into reality, their team will make it happen. I would highly recommend their services, I wouldn’t take our project anywhere else.

Michael McCormick

CEO of VerifiID



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