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Blockchain trends with Rumble FishDownload a free report: Blockchain Trends in 2022NFT, DAO, DeFi, Metaverse, Web 3.0 - those were the most popular acronyms and buzz words in the world of technology in 2021, and in our report, we take a closer look at them all. We also advise on how to take advantage of those trends in digital product development.
What’s this about?A sample report that:
Are we in a state of blockchain wars?
How did NFTs become mainstream?
Which DeFi platforms are worth keeping an eye on in 2022?
Will DAOs change the way humans operate?
What exactly is Web 3.0 and what’s its purpose?
What is the vampire attack in DeFi?
Is metaverse our future?
… and more!

Professional from the outset, if you want to turn an idea into reality, Rumble Fish team will make it happen.

Michael McCormickCEO of VerifiID

Rumble Fish has been really good at challenging assumptions or design decisions, to figure out the best path for the product.

Holmes Wilson Founder

The Rumble Fish development team is outstanding, some of the best engineers we’ve worked with. Highly recommended.

Mitchell MaddoxCOO of SpaceInch

The Rumble Fish team was very innovative and provided a lot of creative ideas which pushed the project to have lots of competitive edges.

Khalid AlaraimiCEO of Anchor Leg Technology

Rumble Fish performed beyond our wildest dreams. Their knowledge and expertise allowed us to grow up even faster.

Rune ChristensenFounder and CEO of MakerDAO

The developers at Rumble Fish Software Development are professional and capable of producing the highest quality code. I can recommend them with no doubt.

Ari KardasisFounder and CTO of The Ocean
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