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During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a 63% increase in cyberattacks. With workers forced to operate remotely, they don't have the required infrastructure safety that they might do in an office environment to cope with cyber threats. A cyberattack can result in loss of data, downtime, reduction in productivity, and damage to your company's reputation. Rumble Fish can help conduct an IT security audit, using our skilled team to take an objective look at a company's security measures. By outsourcing your security audit, you can get an external view of your existing infrastructure that can easily be clouded when trying to do it yourself.

Key benefits of an IT security audit

Here are the top five reasons why you should look to outsource your IT security audit requirements.

  • Learning about data flows within your organization

  • Identify vulnerabilities

  • Realigning security policies and standards

  • Recommendations

  • Network vulnerabilities

Learning about data flows within your organization

The exponential growth of digital channels means that businesses now have more data than ever before. By 2025, estimates suggest that 463 exabytes of data will be created globally each day, the equivalent of 212,765,957 DVD's! Data is an asset that requires strict security controls, regardless of whether it is internal information or personal customer data.

During an IT audit, we will identify the types of data you hold and the ways it can flow in and out of the business. The checks will include reviewing who has access to your data, the technology they use, and the potential risks that could lead to misuse or data leaks. The objective is to mitigate the risk of non-compliance and create new policies, considering regulations like GDPR or CCPA.

Identify vulnerabilities

IT systems include software, hardware, procedures, and data, making them complicated infrastructures. As an experienced IT auditing team, Rumble Fish can identify potential issues across your entire network. This will include ensuring any hardware and software is properly configured, a scan of operating systems, access controls, and network vulnerability.

The IT security audit will find problem areas and prevent them from becoming the root source of a cyber attack.

Realigning security policies and standards

At the start of an auditing process, the auditors will look at existing documentation, security protocols, and procedures. While analyzing the system for vulnerabilities, the audit can ensure that the current standards are up to scratch and make sense.

After the IT security audit, you will see what needs updating and if new policies and standards are required for your network setup.


Rumble Fish will take an objective look into the technology you are using and audit whether it can address the right level of security for your business. Security demands can vary by industry and business, and part of the audit will determine whether you have adequate tools in place. We can look for solutions that meet your budget and resources, allocating security to the right areas.

Network vulnerabilities

The security audit will examine the vulnerabilities that exist on your network or devices that are part of the network. For example, we may need to see if you have password policies in place or adequate encryption to negate unauthorized access to the network. If an employee leaves the company, are you closing down their accounts so they cannot access data? Are any applications dangerous? The auditing team will aim to answer these types of questions.

At the end of an IT security audit, you will get a document with all the results, covering activities undertaken and recommended next steps.

Rumble Fish has delivered successful security audits for businesses wanting to review cloud accounts, web applications, backends, or DevOps processes. As an external company, we provide that critical objective view to ensure you deploy the right security measures.

What happens during an IT security audit?

The goal of an IT security audit is to provide you with a detailed overview of your IT infrastructure, applications, and roles. Rumble Fish will look at various aspects of your business, from database management and network stability, through to resource planning. We will use specialist tools that scan IT platforms for any typical vulnerabilities. With new cybercrime tactics emerging every day, using these tools is vital to keep your security up-to-date. As part of the audit, we may carry out interviews with staff, scan vulnerabilities, and review the company's security blueprint. The result of the audit will be a strategic solution that helps improve the overall security of your business. Rumble Fish has a wealth of experience in IT audits to create a strategic roadmap for the safe and secure growth of your systems.

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No matter which industry you belong to, every business must become digital. We are sure that we produce customized and verified solutions for our Clients for a long term successful cooperation.

Quality & Security

Quality has to translate into secure products. We believe in the value of this symbiotic relationship to every organization, ensuring software can fulfill its ultimate business function of satisfying and protecting the client in equal measure.


Our development teams use the Serverless framework extensively, combining it with automation solutions such as Gitlab CI, AWS Code Build, and Docker. We follow the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principle that ensures high maintainability of our solutions.

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