Blockchain development services

Blockchain development services

We build blockchain systems that help our clients beat the competition.
Based on the latest tech, our solutions combine optimal performance with high business value.

We work with industry leaders
Our Blockchain services

We provide end-to-end blockchain solutions dedicated to all kinds of organizations, from startups to enterprises. We are experienced in delivering blockchain PoC or MVP projects to companies looking to test their ideas on the market as quickly as possible.

service logo Blockchain IOT
Blockchain IOT

We deliver IoT solutions that provide real-time capabilities on a blockchain platform.

service logo Security audits
Security audits

Analyze DApps from the security standpoint and highlight their potential weaknesses.

service logo Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts

Secure and intuitive smart contracts for private and public blockchain networks, from certified developers.

Our blockchain development team
Our blockchain development team

Our team is proficient in building unique, interactive and beautiful web applications using React + Redux. Our DApp development services guarantee high usability thanks to an intuitive UI that reflects real-world business data.

Our approach to blockchain One of our mantras is heavy testing and we use Jest for that purpose. For deployment of DApps, we use AWS CloudFront. We recommend this approach to our partners because it covers the standard concerns of making applications sustain load peaks and protecting them from DDoS attacks and other threats.


From technologies to Solutions

Blockchain is a rapidly-developing field. As quick adopters of the latest technologies, we aim to deliver cutting-edge, accessible and functional solutions.

Hyperledger Caliper
Hyperledger Cello
Hyperledger Composer
Hyperledger Explorer
Hyperledger Quilt
Our ready-made blockchain solution
Our ready-made blockchain solution

Most web apps experience glitches during data load from blockchain. This is caused by the need of scanning the whole blockchain for Events related to a particular app. We’re proud to have solved this problem through an internal tool that we use for caching application-scope events.

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