IoT development services

IoT development services

Take advantage of end-to-end IoT solutions that deliver real-time capabilities on a blockchain platform.
Our software engineers specialize in fog networking for blockchain to ensure a high level of security and performance.

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IoT development company
IoT development company

Enterprise-scale IoT implementations demand high security. The conventional approach to building IoT solutions involves moving data to a central server for processing. That upsurges latency and decreases the available bandwidth across the network.

Fog networking helps to bridge the gap between the central cloud and the decentralized cyber-physical systems on the edge.

To help our clients make the most of their investment in IoT systems, we build fog infrastructures of RaspberryPI agents units that interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

Our experts implement a blockchain-protected security fabric that enables fog networking to provide our clients with bulletproof solutions. By sharing security data across all the nodes in its network and enforcing immutable records, the blockchain technology is tamper-proof and self-healing.


From technologies to Solutions

Blockchain is a technology relevant to IoT implementation as it can be used for access control and decentralized data storage. Our software engineers are always busy exploring new technologies to help our clients create truly innovative products.

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How we work
Step 1

We begin by scanning the site using automated tools that search for common vulnerabilities.
Step 2

We then proceed with a code review of the Smart Contract code.
Step 3

Next up, we carry out penetration testing of the Smart Contract code.
Step 3

Lastly, we analyze the infrastructure, with a focus on the usage flow of private keys and their security.

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